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A servo drive can also be called an amplifier because it takes control signals from all controllers and amplifies it to determine a certain amount of the motor voltage and current. The types of servo drive are different, but the most common is the torque mode amplifier. It converts the control signal control signal into a specific motor current. They offer a wide range of benefits, from automatic processing systems to excellent positioning, speed and motion control.


Servo Drives
Servo Drives


They can be used in CNC machining, factory automation and robotics, as well as in various other industrial applications. Like servomotors, their main advantage over DC or AC motors is the addition of motor feedback. This engine feedback will help identify any unwanted accuracy in team movement. Servos have a better life cycle when used at a constant speed than typical AC wound motors. In industrial installations servo drives are equally important and are used to monitor condition and transmission speed.

What are servo drives used for?

Servo Drives can be used in many different applications. The advantages listed above mean that servo drives are increasingly being used by industry to replace conventional AC and stepper motors, as well as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. There are many applications where servo drives have advantages. Below are just a few examples: -

  • Machine tools where high precision is required.
  • Robotic applications where high precision, power and speed are required, as well as the advantage of low weight and size.
  • Conveyor systems where speed and accuracy as well as high torque are required.
  • Antenna positioning systems usually require high torque and very high accuracy.
  • Simulation programs where speed, torque and smoothness are important.
Harmonic Drives
Harmonic Drives

The Motion Control Products offers the largest range of servo drives and harmonic drives that can meet most demanding industrial applications in speed, torque or position loop formats.

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